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Other Services

Besides activities related to Regulations 2004/49/EG dated 29.04.2004 regarding railway safety and Regulation 2008/57/EG dated 17.06.2008 regarding Interoperability and under consideration of requirements originating from the standards ISO/IEC 17020 and ISO/IEC 17065 we also offer the following services:

Expert Opinions

We are happy to assist you with expert opinions and expert services. Whether in the context of homologation/certification activities, vehicle modifications or other projects, our experts will be happy to assist you with their independent expert knowhow. 

Our expertise covers the following knowledge areas:


Aero dynamics/Cross wind

Vehicle Outline/Gauging

Wheel Set/Wheel Set Bearings

Marking of Units

Fatigue Strength

Working Safety/Noise

Collision Safety (Crash)



Heating/Ventilation/Air Condition

Electrical Equipment/EMC

Controls/Functional Safety/Software

Running Dynamics

Testing of Complete Vehicles

Testing Programs for Railway Vehicles and Components

In the course of the approval of rail vehicles and their components various tests are to be carried out. In order to minimize the effort and to be able to correctly estimate the time required for the examinations, the scope of the testing is to be agreed as early as possible between the applicant and the certifier.

In the course of this, RCC offers to carry out various tests for the customer or to have them carried out by accredited testing bodies. This includes inter alia:

Vehicle and running dynamics

Fatigue Strength



Aero dynamics


Building Supervision and Quality Control

We check the compliance with your requirements for processes and products, including the corresponding documentation at the manufacturer's site. Doing so, we will highlight to you any potentials for improvement. If there should be any deviations from the way things are supposed to be, we will assist you or your supplier with our experience regarding management and quality assurance systems.

Vehicle Inspections

Conservation of values of your assets is a fundamential factor of economic efficiency. Therefore the condition of vehicles at the time of hand over to and receiving back from the customer/operator and the completeness of the vehicle history book with regards to operatin and maintenance plays an essential role.

We support you with inspections of your assets during hand over and return of the vehicles, report deviations from the nominal conditions and by doing so provide you the basis for potential claims against your contractual partner.