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Our Services



Based on our accreditations three areas of services are available for you:



TSI – Technical Specifications Interoperability

Conformity Assessments and Product Certifications according to Directive 2008/57/EG and (EU) 2016/797 (TSI WAG, LOC&PAS, NOI, SRT, PRM, CCS)

ECM – Entity In Charge Of Maintenance

Certification of Maintenance Organisations according to Directive (EU) No 445/2011

CSM – Common Safety Method

Independent Safety Assessments according to Directive (EU) No 402/2013

In addition to our accredited activities we can offer you the following services:

Other Services

Experts Oppinions, Audits, Testing, Building Supervision, Quality Control, Vehicle Inspections, Hydrogen on Rail - Innovationsmanagement