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Mission Statement

The way we are doing our business is based on fundametla values to which we admit as organization as well as individually acting persons. Therefore yu can rely on an objective treatment of your subject and an always accurate and factual working attitude.

  • We provide our customers First Class All Inclusive Service regarding certification and homologation of railway vehicles.
  • Our wide expertise assures tailormade course of action based on customer requirements and the applicable regulatory framework.
  • We assist our customers to realize the most efficient way to their Certificates of Conformitiy.
  • We live Independence and Impartiality.

Independence and Impartiality

As an accredited Certification Body according to ISO/IEC 17065 and accredited Inspection Body according to ISO/IEC 17020 we put great emphasis on independence and impartiality.


All customers, business and interest partners of RCC can rely on the confidential treatment of all information.

This confidentiality is also ensured for third parties contracted by RCC by means of specific guidelines and regulations.

Non-discriminatory Action

RCC is committed to non-discriminatory action. This means that all regulations and procedures regarding RCC's activities are not discriminatory. RCC's services are equally accessible to all applicants and that there are no restrictions related to the size of the customer, affiliation to associations or the number of certifications. Beyond this, the requirements, evaluations, assessments, decision-making and monitoring are limited to the scope of the respective conformity assessment.


We are committed to a loyal and respectful behavior towards our customers. This is reflected, among other things, in the way we deal with our respective counterparts by acting and communicating honestly, objectively and correctly.

Another important cornerstone of our integrity is the correct and objective execution of the commissioned service, independent of external factors of influence or any attempt to influence by the client or third parties.

Competence and Responsibility

RCC is aware of its responsibility within the scope of the accredited activities. Therefore, RCC appoints only qualified and experienced personnel. The competence and motivation of employees is an important factor, which is given due consideration within the management system.

RCC strives to be an attractive employer, providing its employees an attractive work environment and a future perspective based on self-responsible action as well as training and promotion according to the applicable guidelines and regulations.

Complaints and Formal Objections

Despite conscientious work and the greatest possible care, errors might occur in connection with the activities of RCC. To give the customer or other interested parties the necessary opportunities in such cases, RCC has implemented a procedure regarding the Management of complaints and formal objections  appropriately.

RCC guarantees that the filing of objections or complaints does not lead to disadvantages for the opponent or the complainant.